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Asmae is a French international solidarity NGO specialized in child development. Independent, non-religious and non-political, it is open to everyone. 

Created in 1980 by Sister Emmanuelle following her experience with scavengers in Egypt’s slums, Asmae keeps on respecting its founder’s values and methods: listening and proximity, pragmatism, respect of the differences, professionalism and reciprocity. 

Asmae’s action aims to support vulnerable children and their families through providing tailor-made and long lasting support to local stakeholders working on child education and protection.


Asmae has been working in the Philippines since 1989. It is currently supporting program intervention in partnership with local NGO and people’s organization on intervention to contribute to the improvement of children and families in street situations, intervention to promote inclusive and/or disability-sensitive early childhood development and education, and intervention to prevent and eradicate gender-based violence.  All these interventions aim to achieve social integration of these marginalized groups of children and youth into our society.

Asmae is also actively participating in a different local and national network for, generally, the advancement of rights of every child and advocate, through improved governance, the provision of equitable opportunities for children at risk such as children in the street situations, children with disabilities and other difficult situations of children, to access quality fundamental services that will allow them to thrive fairly in the society.



Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Group is a public institution that implements France’s policy in the areas of development and international solidarity. Development is one of the country’s three pillars for external action, along with diplomacy and defense. Our mission is to contribute to the economic, social, and environmental progress of low and middle-income countries. 

In practical terms, this mission is carried out by providing loans, grants, expertise or technical assistance. These forms of assistance are granted to States, local authorities, companies, foundations or NGOs and are used to complete projects in many different fields including climate, biodiversity, energy, education and urban planning, health, digital technology, sport, and training.


Bahay Tuluyan is a children’s rights organization that believes in the dignity of all children.  We work to prevent and respond to abuse and violence against children and to ensure all children’s rights are fulfilled and protected. We work in dynamic collaboration with and empowerment of children, youth, families and the community.

Established in 1987, we now operate 10 programs in three provinces of the Philippines reaching at least 1000 Filipino children each year.  Our dream is of a world where every child’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.  

For more information please visit our website at www.bahaytuluyan.org 

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Feedback and comments are welcome, email us at childprotecthub@gmail.com.